Commercial Electrical Services


Installing and supporting electrical components and wiring into commercial buildings

Diagnosing and repairing wiring or electrical issues

Inspecting electrical systems to make sure they are in line with regulations and safe for work

Being aware of local and national electrical safety regulations

Electrical Panel & Breaker Upgrade

Every business is different. Therefore, each one has unique electrical needs. In today’s technological era, most, if not all establishments, use a wide range of electrical equipment or electronic devices. An electrical panel and breaker upgrade ensure smooth operation. To find out more about our services, reach out today!

Meter Socket Installation and  Outlet Service / Repairs (GFI, GFCI)

If you need help with meter socket installation or outlet repairs, call us right away, and we'll gladly offer our service. We can help you out, especially if you’re the type of business that operates heavy electrical devices. Prevent an imbalance between incoming and outgoing current, overheating, and possible fire. Call us now!

General Installation & Wiring

Better let the experts do general installations and wiring. Operating heavy electrical equipment or devices at work will require more from your wiring. Let the experienced electrical wiring experts on our team do the job for you. For top-quality installation and wiring services, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

LED Lighting

Lighting is crucial in the safety and efficiency of any business — commercial and industrial alike. Designing the lighting, placement, control systems, and knowing which lighting is best for your space, demands real expertise. That’s where we come in. Not only will we help your business operate better, but having LED lighting installed will save you money as well. Call now for quality LED lighting installation services.

Bathroom Lighting & Exhaust Fan

Proper bathroom lighting and exhaust fans are a necessity in office bathrooms. The exhaust fan efficiently extracts heat and odor. Lighting plays a big part in it as well. You don’t want the office bathrooms to be dark and dingy. With the help of our expert crew, we’ll install the perfect bathroom lighting and an exhaust fan for your office bathroom. See the difference that our experts can make. Call now!

Security, Motion & Parking Lot Lighting

Some businesses are prone to burglary and other petty crimes. That’s why we understand the need to install security, motion, and parking lot lighting. Our electricians have been installing security lighting setups for properties in the area. We know how to install a successful crime prevention lighting scheme. To protect your business, don’t hesitate to contact us!

EVSE Charging Installation for Electric Cars

Electric cars are getting more popular, and with their demand increasing, so is the demand for commercial EV charging stations. To allow yourself, employees, or customers to charge their cars at your commercial property, you’ll need an EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). Our team can help you with that. For more information on how to get an EVSE installed, contact us now!

Generator Installation

Businesses need electric power to operate. In case of a power outage, it’s better to have a generator so your business can continue to work. We have highly skilled service professionals that understand power systems. Depending on what your business requires, we’ll get the perfect generator installed. Get in touch today to learn more!

Complete Business Safety Inspections

We know safety is vital to our clients. One injury can significantly impact a project’s schedule and budget, not to mention the cost of hospitalization. That’s why we maintain a company-wide focus on safety. Hence, we offer a complete business safety inspection. To ensure the safety of your employees, give us a call today!


Electrical System components can wear out over time, just like your roof or furnance, but good electrical safety practices can help keep your home safe.

🗲 All electrical work should be performed by a licensed electrician
🗲 UseGFCI- protected outlets in the kitchen and bathroom.
🗲 Routinely check cords, outlets switches, and appliances for sings of damage
🗲 Do not overload outlets with too many devices or appliances
🗲 Never run electrical cords under rugs or carpets